Imam Muhammad Zahid al-Kawthari – Conspiracy Against ibn Taymiyya?

Imam Muhammad Zahid al-Kawthari (d.1371AH) says regarding some conspiracy theorists that exist in these times:

“Whoever thinks that all the scholars of his time joined in a single conspiracy against him from personal envy should rather impugn their own intelligence and understanding, after studying the repugnance of his deviations in belief and works, for which he was asked to repent time after time and moved from prison to prison until he passed on to what he’d sent ahead.”

[al-Sayf al-Saqil, pg.6, Reprint. Cairo, Maktaba Zahran; quoted by Shaykh Nuh Keller in Reliance of the Traveller, x178, pg.1060]


Imam ‘Abd al-Hayy al-Lucknawi on ibn Taymiyya’s Corrupt Beliefs

After praising ibn Taymiyya, Imam ‘Abd al-Hayy al-Lucknawi mentions the following:

And some corrupt beliefs have been conveyed from him for which he was condemned by al-Yafi’i, ibn Hajar al-Makki (al-Haytami), and others. He is a man who has committed sins and made mistakes, thus the people should be aware of his errors and acknowledge his proficiency and virtue. His death was – according to what ibn Hajar has mentioned about him – in the year 728 (AH) while in prison by the command of the ruler of his time. May the Mercy of Allah be upon him.

[Imam ‘Abd al-Hayy al-Lucknawi, Iqama al-Hujja with Shaykh ‘Abd al-Fattah Abu Ghudda’s notes, pg. 29, Maktaba Matbu’at al-Islamiyya – 1998]

وقد نُقِلَ عنه عقائد فاسدة شنَّع عليه بها اليافعي وابنُ حجر المكي وغيرها، وهو بشر له ذنوب وخطأ، فلينتبه الإنسان على خطئه، وليُقِرَّ بمهارته وفضله، وكانت وفاته – على ما ذكره ابن حجر – سنة ثمان عشرين وسبعمائة في الحبس بأمرِ سلطان زمانه. منه رحمه الله تعالى.

“إقامة الحجة على أن الإكثار في التعبد ليس ببدعة” للإمام عبد الحي اللكنوي، ص. ٢٩، مكتبة مطبوعات الإسلامية – ١٩٩٨

Shaykh ‘Abd al-Hayy al-Lucknawi on ibn Taymiyya’s Lacking Intellect and Inferiority

Shaykh ‘Abd al-Hayy al-Lucknawi on ibn Taymiyya’s Lacking Intellect and Inferiority

“Mawlana ‘Abd al-Hayy al-Lucknawi (D. 1304AH), the great ‘alim from India and the author of hundreds of invaluable books known to the world, said in his book Ghais al-Ghamam, ‘Like the predecessor ibn Taymiyya al-Harrani, the successor al-Shawkani (D. 1250AH) was very learned but was less intelligent. The latter was exactly alike, even more inferior than the former.’

[Shaykh Muhammad Ziyaullah from Siyalkut, Pakistan, in his work The Truth of Wahhabism]