Imam Abu Zayd ibn al-Imam Tilimsani (D. 742AH) Successfully Disputed with ibn Taymiyya in Egypt

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Changing Views of ibn Taymiyya by Khaled el-Rouayheb:

Ibn Taymiyya had also gained notoriety for his literal interpretation of the hadith al-nuzul to which Sanusi alluded, i.e. the tradition stating that Allah descends to the lowest heaven during the last third of the night (or according to a variant, on the night of mid-sha’ban). The later North African scholar Baba al-Tunbukti (d. 1624; 1036AH), author of a popular biographical dictionary of Maliki scholars, referred precisely to Ibn Taymiyya’s literal interpretation of this Hadith. Al-Tunbukti noted that the scholar Abu Zayd ibn al-Imam Tilimsani (d. 1342) had gone to Egypt and while there had disputed successfully with Taqi al-Din ibn Taymiyya. He added that:

The mentioned Taqi al-Din had some repugnant claims, such as taking literally the Hadith al-nuzul, saying: “like I descend now”…. May Allah protect us from this claim! And someone said that the attribution of this to him is not certain, and Allah knows best.

Ahmad Baba al-Tunbukti, Nayl al-ibtihaj bi-tatriz al-Dibaj. Printed on the margins of Ibn Farhun, al-Dibaj al-mudhahhab fi ma’rifat a’yan al-madhhab (Cairo: Matba’at al-Sa’ada, 1329AH), 166.



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