Imam al-Dhahabi – No Consideration Should be Given to the Praise of ibn Taymiyya’s Closest Companions or ‘Fans’

Imam Adh Dhahabi (D. 748AH) describes the position of Ibn Taymiyyah’s closest companions and “fans” from the unique opinions that he has:

Dhayl Tareekhil Islam pg. 328 – 329

ولا ريب انه لا اعتبار بمدح خواصه والغلاة فيه فان الحب يحملهم على تغطية هناته بل قد يعدونها محاسن. أهـــ

“And without doubt, no consideration should be given to the praise of his closest companions or those who are extreme in their admiration for him. Their love for him will make them cover his mistakes, nay they may even count them to be from his good deeds.”

Courtesy of Shaykh Abdur Rahman Sondalaani:


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