ibn Taymiyya’s Unprecedented Statements

In a biography, Imam Adh Dhahabi (D. 748AH) said about his teacher Ibn Taymiyyah:

ولقد نصر السنة المحضة، والطريقة السلفية، واحتج لها ببراهين ومقدمات، وأمور لم يسبق إليها، وأطلق عبارات أحجم عنها الأولون والآخرون وهابوا، وجسر هو عليها، حتى قام عليه خلق من علماء مصر والشام قياماً لا مزيد عليه. أهـــ

“And he supported the pure Sunnah, and the Salafi methodology. And he argued using proofs, premises and matters that he was not preceded to. And he made statements that the earlier and later people refrained from saying and were afraid to utter. Yet he boldly said those things, until a huge group of Scholars from Egypt and Syria confronted him most sternly.”

See pg. 243:


Courtesy of Shaykh Abdur Rahman Sondalaani:



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