ibn Taymiyya’s Unique Fatwas

Imam al-Dhahabi (D. 748AH) said on page 327 and 328 of his book Dhailu Tareekhil Islam:


وإن أنت عذرت كبار الائمة فى معضلاتهم ولم تعذر ابن تيمية فى مفرداته فقد أقررت على نفسك بالهوى و عدم الانصاف. أهـــ

“If you were to excuse the eminent Scholars for their problematic verdicts yet not excuse Ibn Taymiyyah for his unique fatawas, you would be acknowledging that you yourself have leanings and unfairness.”

Courtesy of Shaykh Abdur Rahman Sondalaani:



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