ibn Rajab al-Hanbali – ‘The ‘Ulama, Fuqaha, Muhaddithin, and Salihin Disliked that he Go on his Own with Some of His (ibn taymiyya’s) Unique Rulings’

Ibn Rajab Al Hanbali (D. 795AH), the student of Ibn Taymiyyah’s student Ibn Qayyim Al Jawziyyah, acknowledges that Ibn Taymiyyah had unique rulings when he said in his update of Al Qaadi Abu Ya’la’s son’s book on biographies of the Hanbalis called Dhaylu Tabaqaatil Hanaabilah vol. 4 pg. 505 (507 on the PDF reader)


ولكن كان هو وجماعة من خواص أصحابه ربما أنكروا من الشيخ كلامه في بعض الأئمة الأكابر الأعيان، أو في أهل التخلي والانقطاع ونحو ذلك.
وكان الشيخ رحمه اللّه لا يقصد بذلك إلا الخير، والانتصار للحق إن شاء الله تعالى.
وطوائف من أئمة أهل الحديث وحفاظهم وفقهائهم: كانوا يحبون الشيخ ويعظمونه، ولم يكونوا يحبون له التوغل مع أهل الكلام ولا الفلاسفة، كما هو طريق أئمة أهل الحديث المتقدمين، كالشافعي وأحمد وإسحاق وأبي عبيد ونحوهم، وكذلك كثير هن العلماء من الفقهاء والمحدثين والصالحين كرهوا له التفرد ببعض شذوذ المسائل التي أنكرها السلف على من شذ بها، حتى إن بعض قضاة العدل من أصحابنا منعه من الإفتاء ببعض ذلك. أهـــ

“However he (‘Imaad Ad Deen Al Waasiti) and a group of Ibn Taymiyyah’s closest companions disapproved of the Shaikh’s statements about some of the eminent and high-standing Imams, or the likes of those people who would disconnect themselves from the world to be alone with their Lord (the Sufis). And the Shaikh may Allah have mercy on him did not intend anything by that but good, and defense of the truth Inshaa Allahu ta’aala. And various circles of the people of Hadeeth; including Imams, Huffaadh (memorizers of more than 100,000 hadeeths) and Fuqahaa (Jurists) used to love the Shaikh (i.e. Ibn Taymiyyah) and hold him in high regard. But they did not like for him to go into in-depth issues with the theologians and philosophers – as was the methodology of the Imams of Ahlul Hadeeth like Ash Shaafi’ee, Ahmad, Ishaaq, Abu ‘Ubaid and others like them. Additionally, many ‘Ulamaa, Fuqahaa, Muhadditheen, and Saaliheen (Righteous people) disliked that he go on his own with some of his unique rulings that the Salaf disapproved of whoever went alone with. Until one of the just judges from our colleages prevented him from making those fatawas.”

Courtesy of Shaykh Abdur Rahman Sondalaani:



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